Our Culture

POSITIVO TECNOLOGIA’s approach reflects its history, inspired by its leaders, its achievements and challenges faced. Vibrating and dynamic, your DNA are neither resigned nor conformist.

Instead, it is flexible and never loses its nature. The company stands in the consumer’s position to foresee their experience and propose real and possible solutions for their needs. No extravagance, no promises, with the engagement from those who understand and respect him.

Our approach can be expressed in the 12 initiatives that lead us:


We were born in Brazil, we dare to create and develop a green-yellow brand in technology, we prove that we are able to lead, innovate and populate Brazilian homes;


An interesting opportunity arises and, if necessary, we reinvent ourselves to conquer it;


No barrier is as high as our speed and flexibility in overcoming it;


We like challenges and we run several at the same time;


We have strong roots. Our history and our ethics sustain our constant evolution;


We welcome ideas and catalyze brands and products thinking about the experience of who will use them;


We want to retain and attract people capable of transformation;


We cheer with the achievements, react to the adversities and we appreciate the attitudes;


We are proud to have enabled digital inclusion and improved the lives of many Brazilians, and we still want more;


Technology is a way to improve people’s lives, but it is not the final destination;


We are large. Dynamism and versatility were not lost along the growth;


We always seek delivering beyond the expected. Perfection for us is not a detail.

Our approach, thinking, and acting reflects how we make people’s lives better and smarter by using technology.

“We care about our employees by providing wellness initiatives and opportunities for their professional development”

We achieve reliability and trust by developing each project based on the integration of professionals who work in synergy and harmony.

Being Positivo is to make things different, to achieve dreams, to change the path and keep moving forward.