ABINEE – Brazilian Association of electrical and   electronic industry.

ORDER BACKLOG (or contracted purchases) – All customer orders that have been received but have not yet been fulfilled. Order portfolio not yet fulfilled.

BACKLOG OF CONTRACTED PURCHASES  – In the public sector, it refers to the completed bidding processes and where the bidding agencies still need   to issue the supply orders that are still being served. Portfolio of bids won and not yet fulfilled.

CAGR – Compounded annual growth rate.

DESKTOP – Desktop computer.

EBITDA – Corresponds to earnings before net financial expenses (income), IRPJ and CSLL and depreciation and amortization. EBITDA is not an accounting measure used in accounting practices adopted in Brazil, it does not represent cash flow for the periods presented and should not be considered as an alternative to net income as indicator of operating performance or as an alternative to cash flow as liquidity indicator. EBITDA does not have a standardized meaning and our definition of EBITDA may not be the same or comparable to the definition of EBITDA or Adjusted EBITDA used by other companies.

ADJUSTED EBITDA – Corresponds to EBITDA plus the portion related to the investment subsidy that was accounted for as deferred income in current liabilities and that will be recognized in the result as the mandatory investments in R&D related to this amount are amortized, as well as the exclusion of amortizations deferred revenue. The purpose of this.

E-COMMERCE – A form of commerce where transactions are carried out using electronic equipment connected to data transmission networks, such as computers and mobile phones.

HAAS OR HARDWARE AS A SERVICE – An innovative business model, a fully managed solution for the IT equipment distribution and commercialization process, without the customer   having to invest capital in the purchase of equipment. In this business model, Positivo Tecnologia sells packages that include equipment, installation, configuration, maintenance and technical support, all for a monthly fee. In a practical way, a pre-determined contract is signed between the   hardware supplier and the customer, where Positivo Tecnologia is responsible for IT.

HARDWARE – A physical component of a computer or set o  electronic components, integrated circuits and boards, which communicate through busbars.

HOMESCHOOLING – The concept of homeschooling is characterized by the proposal of home or home education.  This proposal is in line with the frequency of children in an institution, be it a public, private or cooperative school.

IDC – International Data Corporation – an international research company that follows the computer market.

IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards, corresponding to international accounting standards.

IPSOS – (Institut de Publique Sondage d’Opinion Secteur) – A company that carries out active marketing research, advertising, media, consumer satisfaction and public and social opinion research.

INTERNET – A Conglomerate of computer networks on a global scale that allows access to information and data transfer.

GRAY MARKET – A market formed by the sales made by small and medium assemblers of computers whose production has a certain degree of smuggled parts and, still, by the sales of companies that do not have incentive of PPB – Basic Productive Process.

CORPORATE MARKET  – A market formed by sales made to small, medium and large private companies, whether by direct sales force, resellers or outsourced agents.

PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS MARKET  – A market formed by sales made by bodies and entities belonging to the direct or indirect administration of the various spheres of the Brazilian Government.

PUBLIC BIDDING MARKET – A market formed by sales made by bodies and entities belonging to the direct or indirect administration of the various spheres of the Brazilian Government.

CONSUMER OU RETAIL MARKET – A market formed by sales made to domestic users (individuals), micro and small companies, which are served by retail chains.

OFFICIAL MARKET – A market for the sale of computers excluding the participation of the Gray Market.

TOTAL MARKET – The sum of the Official Market plus the Gray Market.

MESA EDUCACIONAL (Mesa means table in Portuguese) – Computer for education, forming an environment for learning.  Set of devices that can be connected to a computer plus software.

NOTEBOOK – A portable computer.

OPEX (operational expenditure) – Refers to operating expenses. In this case, the company would be purchasing a computer for a service that will deliver the computer, update, training and monitoring.

PC – (personal computer) – comprising desktops,   notebooks and servers.

PORTAL – Electronic Internet portal.

EDUCATIONAL PORTAL – Electronic Internet portal for education purposes.

PPB – (Processo Produtivo Básico or Basic Production Process) – A certificate that defines which components and manufacturing processes must be carried out in Brazil for reduction of IPI taxes on computers, according to Law 8.248/91 (Informatics Law).

HARDWARE SEGMENT – The Company’s business unit focused on the manufacturing of desktops, notebooks and servers, developed in product lines and solutions specifically targeted to each market that the Company serves.

EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY SEGMENT – The Company’s business unit focused on the provision of integrated services, including software, installation, computer equipment, as well as technical and pedagogical support, mainly for public and private   educational institutions and for the domestic market.

SOFTWARE – A sequence of instructions to be followed and/or executed in the manipulation, redirection or modification of a data/information or event.

TABLET – A cllipboard device with a touch screen.

TAMTotal Addressable Market ou Total Available Market. TAM is defined as “the existing revenue opportunity available for a product or service” and is often calculated as the market size from general to specific, deducting market segments that are not   addressable and/or possibly served.

IT – The information technology commercial segment.