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Value Creation Agenda

Competitive Advantages

Deep knowledge of the Brazilian market and middle-class consumers. We believe we have a unique knowledge of Brazilian middle-class consumers. We have been operating in this market for 30 years, which has allowed us to accumulate a deep knowledge of local markets and consumer needs. We have created a leading brand in terms of market share, with wide acceptance in the Brazilian middle class, enabling us to enter new markets at a faster pace.

Strong relationship with distribution channels. Our presence in the main national retail chains and more than 10,000 accredited retailers, totaling over 12,000 points of sale and presence in the 100 largest Brazilian retailers, provides greater geographic coverage and capillarity, enabling us to reach consumers with different profiles.

Leadership in the government bid market. We have been the leader in the Brazilian bid market for over 10 years, having supplied state-owned companies such as Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil and Petrobras, as well as the judicial, legislative and executive branches of federal, state and municipal government. In order to operate in this market, we comply with the highest corporate governance and compliance standards.

Proven experience in product and market diversification. In our history, we have proven our skills and expertise in developing computers, mobile phones, servers and IoT devices adapted to Brazilian consumers, as exemplified by the partnership with Google to launch the first smartphone in Brazil with Android Go and the first feature phone in Brazil with a button dedicated to Google Assistant. Our team has extensive industry experience and knowledge; our CEO has been elected eight times the best CEO of the IT sector in Brazil and is among the nine executives from all sectors who received the most Valor Econômico awards.

Leading infrastructure in Brazil. Our production infrastructure is one of the largest in Latin America, with industrial plants strategically located in Curitiba and Manaus and a clean manufacturing process, as we are committed to the preservation of the Amazon. We also have an after-sales structure comprising the largest technical support network in Brazil, with over 250 accredited companies. The geographic distribution of our plants increases our logistics and tax efficiency and enables a wide service network covering all Brazilian municipalities.

Unmatched product development and R&D capability. We devote large amounts of resources to R&D investments in order to adapt products to Brazilian consumers. More recently, we have supported startups such as Agrosmart and @Tech. Since 2009, the Company has invested more than R$500 million in R&D. We also have offices strategically located in the world‘s major technology hubs (Shenzhen and Taipei), and we are the only company in Latin America that can develop Android directly with Google.


Strengthen our core business, increasing computer and mobile phone sales: We believe there is potential for increasing the sales of the company‘s computers, smartphones and feature phones, despite our already high market share. Our price positioning, with most computers priced under R$1,300 and mobile phones priced under R$600, is attractive, especially considering the recovery of the Brazilian economy

Success in new government bids: We have maintained a high success rate in the bid market, which is recovering on the back of the country‘s improved economic outlook and the Brazilian government‘s pro-market agenda. Our flexibility and agility in adapting our products to bid specifications (something international players cannot do with the same agility) is a competitive advantage that will contribute to our growth in the sector.

Structural growth projects: We are carrying out new growth projects, focusing on tier 3 retailers (small retail), hardware leasing to companies, smart home and the consolidation of our presence in the server market. These new projects will complement our core business over the next few years.