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Integrity Program

Ethics, transparency and integrity have always guided the conduct of Positivo Tecnologia’s business, therefore, all employees, business partners or those who represent us must observe and respect the guidelines, purposes and principles described in the Policies that comprise our Integrity Program. We seek the best results observing the principles of integrity and for that we count on the collaboration, support and correct posture of all, ensuring that Positivo Tecnologia’s purposes and Policies are respected.

Positivo Tecnologia's Integrity Program comprises:

Pursuant to article 41 of Decree No. 8,420 / 2015, the “Integrity Program consists, within the scope of the legal entity, of set of mechanisms and internal related to integrity, audit and incentive to the reporting of irregularities and the effective application of codes of ethics and conduct, policies and guidelines in order to detect and remedy infringements, fraud, irregularities and unlawful acts practices against national or foreign governments”.

Open channel

Positivo Tecnologia’s Integrity Program Policies were established to standardize the conduct we expect from our employees and business partners.

Any transgression or suspected violation of conditions must be reported in our website:


or calling: 0800 724 8337.

You can make anonymously report, if you prefer.